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Archives for December 2010

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Preparing for a New Calendar Year

Since our Sunday morning service was cancelled as a result of the weather conditions and since 2011 is just a few days away I thought that we would use our small group time to ask a few questions to help us prepare ourselves for a new calendar year. ...

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Jesus - Rescuing Individuals from Despair - Mark 5:21-43

Merriam-Webster defines the word 'despair' as "to lose all hope or confidence." That's a pretty serious condition! In this week's text Jesus encounters two individuals who can't be characterized in any other way. Despair has set in and these individuals need someone to run to. And in these verses from chapter 5 of Mark's gospel we find more good news about Jesus - that...

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Jesus - An Extraordinary Provoker (part 2) - Mark 5:1-20

Last week we examined Jesus' provocative power and the response it demands when we looked at the account of Jesus calming a raging storm on the sea. This week we will continue to look at Jesus' provocative power and the response it demands when we see Jesus calm a raging storm within an individual. The story ends with what I believe is one of the scariest and saddest ver...

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Jesus - An Extraordinary Provoker (part 1) - Mark 4:35-41

In typical Mark style, Mark spares us the details and gives us a very short account (only seven verses) of one of, if not THE most incredible miracles of Jesus' ministry. But while the account is short Mark 4:35-41 still does an incredible job of putting Jesus' provocative power on display. And just as Jesus and this great miracle demanded a response from His disciples a...

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