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Archives for November 2011

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God - Responding to a Great Need with a Great Blow - Joshua 10:1-27

What would you do if on your way out the door this morning you discovered a rough and tough biker gang gathered in your driveway waiting to beat you up? What would you do? Would you just pretend they weren't there and head out the door? Of course you wouldn't! You wouldn't go out and face that kind of enemy without some kind of help! In our passage this week we find J...

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The Shepherd - Re-connecting People to God - Joshua 8:30-35

Have you ever re-connected with a person from your past that you had been separated from for a long time? To past generations that was always a big deal. For our generation it's something we are starting to take lightly because it's becoming far more common through means of social media, like Facebook. For future generations it's something that they may never even exper...

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The Shepherd Dealing with Sin - Joshua 7:1-26

Have you ever suffered consequences as a result of someone else's disobedience? How serious were those consequences? While they may have been serious consequences, I'm guessing it probably wasn't as bad as having the "burning anger of God" directed at you. Now what if I told you that because of someone else's disobedience the reality for both you and I is that God's ang...

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Walking in Faith - Not Fighting - Joshua 6:1-27

The Old Testament story of the fall of the city of Jericho is one of many amazing stories in the Old Testament. A lot of times I hear people refer to the story as the "Battle of Jericho." But 'battle' seems to be a little bit of a misnomer - at least in the way the story is recounted in the Old Testament book of Joshua. This week we are going to examine the text of Josh...

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