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Archives for May 2011

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Jesus - Nothing is More Worthy - Mark 14:1-11

Who do we look at as genuine followers of Jesus? Pastors? Seminary professors? Certain Christians that you know? Perhaps even yourself? What do we base that on? Their title? Their position? Their church attendance? Is it possible that some of those who we would expect to be the most devoted followers of Jesus, aren't? Is it possible that some of those that we wou...

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Jesus - His Return Calls for Our Vigilance - Mark 13:28-37

Many of us probably wouldn't use the word "complacency" to describe our discipleship. In fact many of us would probably be offended if someone else told us that we were complacent in regards to our discipleship. But Jesus saw the danger of complacency overtaking His followers and in this portion of Mark's gospel we see Him calling His disciples to be vigilant in their di...

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Jesus' Exhortations for the Near and Distant Future - Mark 13:1-27

According to one individual, Harold Camping, Jesus is returning in just a few days. He believes, based on some unique math and personal theories, that Jesus is going to return on Saturday, May 21, 2011 to rapture believers in Jesus and take them to Heaven. When you hear his explanation you realize that this man has probably spent months and years trying to assign numbers...

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Jesus - Putting His Final Touches on His Painting of Discipleship - Mark 12:28-44

This passage of Scripture is a very unique one. Not often do you find passages in which Jesus summarizes both the most important teaching of the OT and all that His life and ministry communicated to us. But that's what Mark conveys to us in these few verses of his gospel. In terms of understanding what we are called to as disciples of Christ, this has to be one of the m...

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Jesus - Wiser than the Wise - Mark 12:13-27

When you compare yourself to others and the way they live are you content? When you consider your own personal wisdom and understanding of the Bible are you content? Is it possible that we have presumed that our way of living and our knowledge of the Bible is sufficient and that we don't have any need for further instruction? Have we become prideful in our wisdom? In t...

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