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Archives for September 2011

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A Commission to Lead . . . or Follow? - Joshua 1:1-9

Joshua 1:1-9 is one of the most well known passages in the OT. Verse 9 is one of those verses many of us memorize and do our best to apply to our lives. But I wonder sometimes if we miss some of the bigger points of the text? While Joshua 1:1-9 has some encouraging exhortations, God's plan and God's call in the text have HUGE gospel implications. While we often read th...

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God-appointed Shepherds - Numbers 27:12-23

It's not hard to look around our community and find jobs that are incredibly important. But on some occasions we encounter jobs that make us wonder, "Is that job really necessary?" One job position that comes into existence with Moses is the role of 'shepherd' for God's people. It was a position that God-appointed Moses to and a position that God has continued to appoin...

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Exceptional Following - An Early Resolve

We all know that bad habits are hard to break. And the earlier we can make good habits a regular part of our daily living, the more likely we are to continue in those healthy habits. On of the things many of us begin to practice early on is the habit of following our own hearts and our own desires. Unfortunately, those are bad habits that often lead us away from followi...

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Contender vs. Pretender (part 2) - Jude 17-25

Does God call Christians to be pacifists? Certainly the Bible says that we are to love others (including our enemies), to forgive, and to show compassion and mercy. But I would also argue that the Bible teaches that there is a time to fight. The question is, when are we to fight and what are we to fight for? Jude takes on that question and in his letter and helps us to mak...

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