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Archives for October 2012

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Sorry, I Didn't Recognize You - Judges 13:1-25

What does it mean when you don't recognize someone? It probably means that they haven't played a significant part in your life, right? We don't fail to recognize our spouses or our children. We don't fail to recognize our close friends or our co-workers? The people we tend not to recognize are people we have only met once or twice or people that we have lost contact wi...

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Willing to Sacrifice What? - Judges 10:17-11:40

Would you be willing to sacrifice someone else's good name, someone else's career, or someone else's life in order to promote or maintain your own good name, your own career, or your own life? Most of us would probably respond very quickly with the answer, 'no.' But we can look all around us in our culture and find numerous examples in politics, in pop culture, and in sp...

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Attempts to Manipulate God's Deliverance - Judges 10:6-16

Most people don't enjoy seasons of distress or trouble in their lives. And while it is difficult to discern or understand the reasons for some of the seasons of distress and trouble we sometimes experience, sometimes those seasons of distress and trouble are directly related to bad decisions we make. Often times when we find ourselves in those difficult seasons we do our...

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God Reigning Where We Might Not Expect It - Judges 9

"Challenging" may be an understatement in regards to the text of Judges 9. What do we do with a text in which the narrative doesn't fit into the pattern of the 'deliverer' narratives that we have seen thus far, and where both God and the Israelites are almost entirely absent from the text? What do we do with a chapter dedicated to one who was not a God-appointed delivere...

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Deliverer - Not King - Judges 8:4-35

Have you ever known someone who had a tendency to let position or power go to their head? The kind of person who, when given a certain position or authority, would go beyond the position and authority they had been given by assuming even more authority and responsibility? It's not a commendable character trait is it? It's an even greater problem when it is an individual...

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