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Archives for April 2012

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Good News Still Advancing - Philippians 1:12-18

It's not hard for "bad news" to over-shadow "good news." Especially when the "bad news" appears to be really bad. In this week's passage Paul provides the church at Philippi with an update regarding some of the challenges that he is facing - challenges that would appear to most readers as incredibly bad news. But in the midst of sharing his challenges Paul also lets the...

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Partners in Christ - Philippians 1:3-11

It seems to me that most people in American society today place a great deal of value on their personal independence. A select few may place some value on lasting partnerships, but I would guess that an overwhelming majority of individuals would still say that partnerships in life aren't essential. And while that may be a popularly held belief the truth we discover in Sc...

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Life Transformed by Christ - Philippians 1:1-2

Most of us are incredibly guilty of quickly reading over the introduction of NT letters. We think to ourselves, "This is just the author identifying himself and identifying who it is that he's writing to. It's not all that important." The problem is the authors of the NT were under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and often had far more to say in their introductions t...

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Leaving Death Behind - John 20:1-18

Following the extraordinary story of John 19 is the extraordinary story of John 20. It's the story of the King who was crucified and put to death, leaving death behind - not for a time or a season, but permanently! It's the story of His resurrection. It seems hard to believe. But the evidence that He leaves, leaves no other explanation. And if the King really has rise...

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The Death of the King - John 19

The story of John 19 has to be considered one of the most gruesome stories in the Bible. It's the story of a horrific and brutal beating and a torturous death. It's a story of a death that many in our generation won't ever really be able to grasp or understand. But what makes this story really extraordinary is that the victim in this story isn't just a man - He's the Ki...

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