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Purpose and Strivings

Purpose and Strivings


Escalate Church exists to glorify God in increasing measure by the power of the Holy Spirit working in and through lives changed by Jesus Christ.


We will strive to accomplish this purpose through the bibilical principles of Lifting UpBuilding Up, and Growing Up.

Lifting Up - this is our response of worhship (our making much of God) because He has revealed Himself to us and we have come to an awareness of His holiness, mercy and grace.  We encourage the lifting up of God through:

Personal Worship, Family Worship, and Corporate Worship

Building Up - this is the process by which we join with God in expanding His kingdom.  We do this by presenting the good news of Jesus Christ in a clear, uncompromising way so that people both locally and around the world will have the opportunity to come to personal faith in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.  We encourage this process through:

Personal Evangelism and Missions

Growing Up - this is the process of helping believers in Jesus to grow in the maturity of their faith and personal walk with Him.  We encourage this process of growing up by providing opportunities for:

Prayer, Biblical Instruction, Practicing Relationships of Love and Care, and Service