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The Gospel

The Gospel

At Escalate Church, we love the gospel.  We talk about it, we sing about it, and we rejoice in it.  And we would love to help introduce you to the gospel as we understand it.  Please take some time now or come back later when you have a few minutes and click on the links below.  The links will connect you to three different videos of pastors that we think very highly of as they clearly articulate what the gospel is.

Start here!

Francis Chan talks through the message of the gospel in a very personal dialogue.  The video lasts about 15 minutes, and it is a great place to begin if you're not familiar with the gospel.


Matt Chandler from The Village Church summarizes the biblical message of the gospel here.  This video lasts about 2 and a half minutes and provides a powerful overview of the gospel message.


John Piper from Desiring God Ministries summarizes the 6 essential pieces of the gospel.  This video lasts about  4 minutes and will help introduce you to all of the pieces of the gospel so that you can see the entire picture (not just a few pieces).