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Archives for June 2011

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Jesus - Enduring What We Deserve - Mark 15:1-20

Most of us are familiar with the idea of "getting what you deserve." And most of us are okay with that concept (at least when it doesn't involve us). But most of us get a bad taste in our mouths when we think about an innocent person getting what a guilty person deserves. We have a hard time swallowing that. But what if I said that each of us actually needs an innocent...

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Jesus - Bearing a Right Witness (Even Under the Most Difficult Circumstances) - Mark 14:53-72

Have you ever found yourself in a difficult or uncomfortable situation in which you had an opportunity to bear witness for Jesus? What did you do? Did you represent Jesus well, or did you seek to protect and preserve yourself? Jesus once found Himself in one of those positions. At the same time Peter, one of His closest disciples, found himself in a very similar positi...

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Jesus - Humbling Himself for the Sake of God the Father - Mark 14:32-52

Do you ever find your heart desiring something outside of God's will? If so, which usually wins out in those circumstances, your desire or God's will. Most believers in Christ would probably want to say that in those circumstances God's will wins out. But if we answered honestly we would have to say that there are times when we choose our own selfish desires. When we c...

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Jesus - Unbelievably Faithful to the Benefit of Betrayers and Deniers - Mark 14:12-31

In our culture today it's not uncommon to find people who feel like they have to earn the favor of God and Jesus. They work hard to live good moral lives and to do things that they believe will cause God to be happy with them. They believe that the faithfulness of God and Jesus is dependent on their self-righteousness (i.e. "If I am God then God will remain faithful to m...

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