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Archives for July 2011

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Does the News of the Gospel Deserve a Response? - Mark 16:9-20

How would you answer the question, "Does the news of the Gospel deserve a response?" Some of you might answer 'yes' but you have never given any real consideration to the news of the Gospel or thought about what kind of response should be given. Some of you might answer 'no.' But I would argue there have been other far less important events in your life which have compe...

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Jesus - or Signs and Wonders? - Mark 15:40-16:8

When it comes to building our faith, there are several different foundations upon which we can build. But not all foundations are equal! In this portion of Mark's gospel we will see that there is only one foundation which we can build our faith upon that will produce a strong and courageous faith. The sad reality though is that most of us aren't really building our fait...

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Jesus - Completing the Mission - Mark 15:21-39

The death of Jesus on the cross was one of the most revealing acts of God in all of history. In the death of Jesus on the cross we can learn a lot about God and a lot about His plan for salvation. We can also learn a lot about the role that Jesus played in all that. But unfortunately, most people will read about it or listen to the story of it and fail to spend any time...

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