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Archives for August 2012

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Great Abilities Alone Won't Cut It - Judges 3:12-30

Can one who possesses great abilities be a great deliverer if he doesn't follow God's plan? If he saves God's people in remarkable fashion isn't that enough to qualify him as a great deliverer? If he was raised up to deliver God's people from their oppressors and, in the end, that is what he accomplishes, that's enough right? Is following God's plan for deliverance real...

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A Deliverer Unlike Any Other - Judges 3:7-11

Sometimes distinctions aren't all that important. Some people spend several hours of their week debating distinctions between different football players to try to discern which player will get them the most points for their fantasy football team. Others spend hours reading blogs trying to discover which grocery store has the best deals for that particular week and where ...

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What's the Real Problem? - Judges 2:1-3:6

Have you ever experienced a time when you knew that something was wrong but you couldn't resolve the problem because you didn't know what the problem was. The unfortunate reality is that this happens a lot in our daily lives. Babies cry and we have difficulty helping them because we don't know why they are crying. People die from cancer but we can't prevent it or cure i...

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Putting Themselves in Need of Rescue - Judges 1

Often times when we think about those who need to be rescued or delivered from someone or something we think of them as victims. We think that a tragic accident or someone else's bad choices have left innocent people in need of great rescue. And the reality is, that does happen sometimes. But sometimes those who need to be rescued or delivered from someone or something ...

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Matchless King - Psalm 93

Many people would profess that they believe in God. And of those who profess to believe in God, many would say that they believe that God is mighty and powerful. But of the many who profess that they believe in a mighty and powerful God, very few of those individuals seem to live their lives as if they believe God is mighty and powerful. Far too often we are guilty of l...

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